The Pop Tart Vs Organic Cookie Ant Showdown… A great experiment to do with your kids!


I’ve often wondered if insects and animals can tell when food is not really food. I think ants are a good test subject because they seem to come out of nowhere when food is around. A few months ago, my sister came to visit and accidentally bought Pop Tarts (cookies and cream variety), not knowing that they were full of chemicals and not really for breakfast. She didn’t feed them to her kids, we made home made pancakes instead. I think Pop Tarts are seen as a ‘treat’ breakfast and bring back fond memories for a lot of people. Who can resist them? BUT – the ingredients in Pop Tarts today are not quite what they used to be. Now they contain multiple chemicals, GMO ingredients and synthetic vitamins. Here is the list; 

So I decided to do a Pop Tart and organic cookie face off with some ants as my smart unbiased test subjects. I chose a cookie and not a pancake or a breakfast item because the ingredients in the Pop Tart do not warrant a label of ‘breakfast food’ in my opinion. Decide for yourself what they determine to be the real food winner! Try it with your kids. It took around two minutes for the ants to swing by…

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.27.47 PM

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