Goodbye Nutella!

NutellaBefore I knew anything about GMO sugar and artificial preservatives and ingredients, we used to eat Nutella in our house. I used to put it on the kids’ sandwiches and pancakes. They loved it and to be honest, I couldn’t resist it either. Since we changed our eating habits however, Nutella had to take the high road. Also, my son showed an intolerance to hazelnuts (leaky gut?), which put a halt to me finding a replacement, since hazelnuts seemed to be the preferred nut to use for other brands. I tried to make my own with questionable (and messy) results.

So you can imagine my joy photo 1-10last week when I found this little gem at Whole Foods! Yes it’s a lot of sugar but a little goes a long way. More importantly, its ingredients pass my test for a safe and somewhat healthy treat. The very nice salesperson was also very knowledgeable about palm fruit oil too – I was sold.

The pancakes I make are packed with hidden nutrients like raw cacao, chia, flax, protein powder and wheatgrass so I think a little chocolate on top is ok in my book. Also, this company makes a hazelnut variety for those who want a very close substitute for the one and only. Let me know what you think! Fair Trade, organic and delish!!

photo 2-10

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