Happy Thanksgiving!

Tips to beat the holiday ‘stuffing’!

 If you are visiting with family or friends for Thanksgiving, think about bringing a side or dessert that meets your dietary requirements, but something that everyone will enjoy. Here are some more tips to help you avoid over-doing it.

  • Snack on the veggie platter before the meal instead of cheese and crackers. Although some cheeses do contain lots of probiotics and enzymes. Perhaps bring a raw cheese appetizer as a hostess gift.
  • Drink a glass of water before dinner – with an enzyme if needed.
  • Reach for veggies first and fill half your plate. Avoid potatoes as they are the highest on the glycemic index.
  • Have a little meat and skip the gravy.
  • Have a little stuffing and avoid the cranberry sauce.
  • If you drink alcohol, have a little wine, no beer. Or better still, bring an organic bottle of wine as a hostess gift and hope they open it!
  • Sample a few desserts that only fill a small plate. Do not add cream.
  • Take your preferred anti oxidant supplement and probiotics before bed with a glass of water. Chlorella is one supplement that can help detoxify your system overnight and help with restful sleep.



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