Food and Mood talk in Bronxville Jan 9th


I am truly humbled to be asked to present to the preschool parents at the Reformed Church of Bronxville, NY on Jan 9th, 9am. I look forward to sharing what, in my experience, is most likely causing our children to be unhappy, inattentive, ‘act out’ or become ‘behavioral’. It is not all genetics and I will explain why.

Food is intrinsically linked to behavior in more ways than we can measure. Parents usually know what triggers this ‘out of the ordinary’ behavior in their own child but may not know why, or, they may lack the know-how to make the necessary corrective changes.

My goal is to share what I have learned in my own experience and through my studies as a health coach, so that parents can become informed and confident to make changes over time that will bring about results. I believe that knowledge is power and once you understand the problem, the solution becomes more elemental and less daunting.

Welcome to a new way of thinking! I look forward to a great discussion and Q&A session!!

***Please note that this event is only open to the parents of the pre-school at the Reformed Church of Bronxville.***

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