My name is Eileen Iorio. I am a mother to three wonderful children and wife to Steve. We live in Westchester, NY. I am a certified Health Coach.

I became interested in food but more importantly the quality of the food we eat after I realized that my son had developed severe food intolerences that was affecting his behavior. I learned all I could about food and nutrition. I worked with incredible doctors and practitioners to heal my son and was inspired to obtain my certificate as a holistic health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My son got better and we have never looked back.

Our entire family has benefited from the knowledge I have gained through my experience in healing my son. I believe in the power of food to heal and harm and I appreciate that in a busy household it is not always easy to be all or nothing. With this in mind, I have developed strategies and systems to implement for the busy mom which should make it a lot easier to convert from convenience, packaged food to a more wholesome pantry and a more healthy life for the whole family.

I will teach you about Non-Gmo Vs organic, about whole food Vs processed, why ‘natural’ is not natural, about confusing food labels and mostly about the importance of incorporating essential nutrients into our diets on a daily basis in order to achieve optimal health. I have 5 day meal plans, lunch plans and healthy snack ideas that can be prepared in advance and are kid friendly to make. I strive to develop plans that are easy, convenient and adaptable for a busy life. I am passionate about cleaning out our pantries of unhealthy processed food and replacing it with whole, organic food. Our lives depend upon it. Contact me today for a free consult via email at: eileeniorio@gmail.com

One response to “ABOUT ME

  1. Gary

    Thank you. Indeed, the key to vibrant health is in how we nourish our bodies.


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