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Wild Blueberry & Coconut Popsicles from Medical Medium

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Wild Blueberry & Coconut Popsicles

From Medical Medium – original link here

  • 2 cups wild blueberries*
  • 2 cups plain unsweetened coconut yogurt
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup raw honey

    *if you can’t find wild blueberries in your freezer section at your supermarket than regular blueberries can be substituted


1. Mix the wild blueberries and raw honey in a bowl together. (You can also pulse them in a blender, if desired).

2. Assemble the popsicles by alternating a little scoop of the coconut yogurt with a little scoop of the wild blueberry mixture into each popsicle mold, repeating as desired until you’ve reached the top. Swirl gently with a butter knife to give the popsicles a slightly mixed effect.

3. Add popsicle sticks and/or lids and freeze overnight.


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What a beautiful day for a “yellow” smoothie!

This is the third week of our Smoothie Kids class and in keeping with the rainbow theme, we are making a yellow smoothie. Most yellow fruits are tropical which is indicative of the sunny climate they grow in. Today we will be learning about various tropical fruits and I have a few on hand to show my little learners. We have Horned Melon, Star Fruit and Pineapple. I brought a lemon too but we will only be using a slice for alkalinity purposes. We will also be learning about vitamin C! I hope they enjoy it!!


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Very Berry Detox Smoothie with Spirulina

As the weather is getting warmer, I am starting to focus on detoxing away the Winter blues and focus on my health. This week I will be making more detox smoothies. I’m sharing my first recipe today. I use Hawaiian Spirulina found here. But you can use any brand. I also added Chaga by Vim Energy which is an immune booster but that’s optional. Let me know what you think!

Very Berry Smoothie Detox

1/2 cup organic wild blueberries

1/2 cup organic blackberries

1/2 cup organic cherries

1 1/2 cups coconut water

2 tbsp lemon juice with a little rind

1 tsp of spirulina

1 tsp chaga powder (optional)

1 drop stevia sweetener (optional)



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Food and Mood talk in Bronxville Jan 9th


I am truly humbled to be asked to present to the preschool parents at the Reformed Church of Bronxville, NY on Jan 9th, 9am. I look forward to sharing what, in my experience, is most likely causing our children to be unhappy, inattentive, ‘act out’ or become ‘behavioral’. It is not all genetics and I will explain why.

Food is intrinsically linked to behavior in more ways than we can measure. Parents usually know what triggers this ‘out of the ordinary’ behavior in their own child but may not know why, or, they may lack the know-how to make the necessary corrective changes.

My goal is to share what I have learned in my own experience and through my studies as a health coach, so that parents can become informed and confident to make changes over time that will bring about results. I believe that knowledge is power and once you understand the problem, the solution becomes more elemental and less daunting.

Welcome to a new way of thinking! I look forward to a great discussion and Q&A session!!

***Please note that this event is only open to the parents of the pre-school at the Reformed Church of Bronxville.***

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Ditch these 15 toxins in 2015!


Happy New Year! It’s a time for resolutions and change. Let’s see if we can start by ridding our pantries of these nasty food additives. There are currently over 3,000 chemically derived additives used in processed food in the US. 90% of our supermarkets contain processed foods, so it’s safe to say, we have a toxicity issue and it’s affecting our health.

Here are my top 15 offenders. The health outcomes of combining these chemicals in our food has never been adequately studied. Attempts have been made, but the food industry is an all powerful entity and doesn’t like bad press. The Huffington Post published an amazing article on this which I recommend reading. Even without adequate studies (it seems like an impossible task), we do know that removing chemically enhanced food will help reduce our toxic load and ultimately lead to better health and wellness, especially for our children. Learn to read food labels (or avoid all packaged food where you can’t pronounce an ingredient!) and check for more information and helpful tools. Here’s to a clean, green 2015!


  1. Glyphosate/GMO food – One of the most toxic herbicides in our world today. It is the subject of much controversy because it was designed to be used on GMO crops as they were engineered to be resistant to it. Many experts believe that glyphosate and GMO food are the root cause of the explosion of illnesses we are seeing since the 90s. The FDA believes GMO food is harmless to humans. The GMO debate is far from over and for a frightening analysis into the science on how it is wreaking havoc on our health, please see this article which explains why a prominent MIT scientist believes glyphosate contributes to autistic symptoms in our children.
  2. MSG – known also as monosodium glutamate. It is a neurotoxin. Typically, monosodium glutamate is added to savory prepared and processed foods such as frozen foods, spice mixes, canned and dry soups, salad dressings and meat or fish-based products.
  3. Natural Flavor – Not NATURAL. Made in laboratories (primarily Givaudan) to mimic natural flavors and scents. E.g., “caramel coloring” is a carcinogen (found in Coke products). See Food Babe’s insightful investigation here.
  4. BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil) – found in sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, Mountain Dew) & citrus flavored drinks. Affects thyroid and causes skin conditions. Bromine is corrosive and toxic. Banned in 100 countries.
  5. Potassium bromate (brominated flour) – Used to make rolls, wraps, flatbread, bread crumbs, and bagel chips. Made from Bromine and can cause kidney & gastro intestinal problems. Banned in many countries outside of the US.
  6. Polysorbate 80 – primarily used in cosmetics and vaccines but it is also used in ice cream to keep it firm and stop it from melting too quickly. Associated with cancer and reproductive problems.
  7. High Fructose Corn Syrup – highly processed corn by-product used in most processed sweets, cakes, desserts and even Ketchup! Associated with a long list of health problems from diabetes to heart disease. Dr. Mark Hyman explains it well here.
  8. Synthetic hormones (rBGH and rBST) – found in non-organic milk products. Linked to some cancers. Banned in many countries outside the US.
  9. Arsenic – arsenical drugs given to chickens to promote growth, treat disease and improve meat pigmentation (Roxarsone). It is a human Carcinogen. Banned in many countries outside the US. This was reported by the Huffington Post and here’s the link. It’s a fascinating read! Arsenic can also be found in rice and you can learn more about that here from Consumer Reports. Consume organic products where possible.
  10. Chlorine – Found in the meat of non-organic chickens. Chickens are washed in a chlorine solution before processing. Toxic and deadly in large quantities. NPR reported on this outrageous process a few months ago.
  11. Azodicarbonamide – Whitens (bleaches) flour for breads, frozen dinners, boxed pasta mixes, and packaged baked goods – also used in yoga mats. Flour whitens naturally over time so no need for this additive. Linked to allergies and asthma. Banned in many countries outside the US.
  12. TBHQ, BHA and BHT
 – found in cereal, nut mixes, gum, butter, meat (like pepperoni), dehydrated potatoes, and beer. These are human carcinogens. Banned in many countries outside the US.
  13. Artificial Sweeteners – aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal), sucralose (Splenda), saccharin (Sweet’N Low), acesulfame potassium, neotame, Truvia. These are all highly processed chemical additives which are harmful to your health and have been linked to cancers and a host of other illnesses. More information by can be found here.
  14. **Sodium benzoate – Found in salad dressings, fizzy drinks, fruit juice (citric acid) and pickles/condiments. It has been linked to hyperactivity.
  15. **Artificial colors: Blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5 & 6, Red 3 & 40, Green 3, Orange B – Found in candies, cakes, frosting (even ‘white’ has blue 1) and processed children’s cereals. Made from coal tar, which is a carcinogen. Linked to hyperactivity and poor concentration.

** These two chemicals combined in food have been shown to cause hyperactivity (Source: Southhampton Study 2007)


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Unilever drops Hampton Creek suit – small food just got bigger!


A few weeks ago, a conglomerate food giant that makes $2 billion (yes, billion) dollars a year selling mayonnaise, sued a small company called Hampton Creek because they decided its mayonnaise isn’t really “mayonnaise” as defined by the FDA – in 1957! Uh-huh… Unilever, who makes I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, didn’t like that a mayonnaise without eggs, was taking some of its $2 billion market share! Can you say monopoly?

To add further insult to a profit margin injury, Unilever (didn’t they used to make soap?) was very upset that they dared to use an egg in their logo! An outrage! How can Hampton Creek imply that there is an egg in the jar when there clearly isn’t! Everyone knows Americans don’t read labels (or can’t because of deliberate mislabeling by food giants!). If they did, they would find out that Hellmann’s mayonnaise contains GMO soybean oil, salt, GMO sugar and wait for it.. calcium disodium EDTA!! What is that you may well ask? Well it is a chemical made from formaldehyde and a few other nasties. It is used primarily as a heavy metal chelator. Yes. I’m not sure how much of it is in a jar of Hellman’s but if you want to ingest calcium disodium EDTA then I think you should be told of the risks. Further info on EDTA can be found here

So what exactly IS vegan mayo and why would anyone want it when it is simply offensive… to Unilever? Well it is mayo made from organic oils and plant based ingredients (sshhhhh).  Unilever proved to be so out of touch on this issue, an immediate social media backlash ensued and catapulted Hampton Creek right up the mayo market share map. In fact, they have enjoyed record sales and media attention like never before in the last 4 weeks. I don’t know if that has helped to reduce their legal bills but that’s another story. Hampton Creek actually had a stand at our local Whole Foods last week and I sampled the best mayo, tomato and rosemary cracker bites I’ve ever tasted! Some more incredible recipes HERE.

So as of today, I am very happy to share that Unilever dropped its suit against Hampton Creek ( because the company agreed to make changes to its label. Hampton Creek Chief Executive Josh Tetrick said the company “is keeping the Just Mayo name and not making changes to its label”. Interesting. Watch this space… For now the mayo war is over and Hampton Creek is basking in the vegan mayo success of this social media boon. And so it should. Its product is delicious and the fact the it uses non GMO ingredients, is preservative free and found in the fridge, it gets my vote. Goliath just took a big hit!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Tips to beat the holiday ‘stuffing’!

 If you are visiting with family or friends for Thanksgiving, think about bringing a side or dessert that meets your dietary requirements, but something that everyone will enjoy. Here are some more tips to help you avoid over-doing it.

  • Snack on the veggie platter before the meal instead of cheese and crackers. Although some cheeses do contain lots of probiotics and enzymes. Perhaps bring a raw cheese appetizer as a hostess gift.
  • Drink a glass of water before dinner – with an enzyme if needed.
  • Reach for veggies first and fill half your plate. Avoid potatoes as they are the highest on the glycemic index.
  • Have a little meat and skip the gravy.
  • Have a little stuffing and avoid the cranberry sauce.
  • If you drink alcohol, have a little wine, no beer. Or better still, bring an organic bottle of wine as a hostess gift and hope they open it!
  • Sample a few desserts that only fill a small plate. Do not add cream.
  • Take your preferred anti oxidant supplement and probiotics before bed with a glass of water. Chlorella is one supplement that can help detoxify your system overnight and help with restful sleep.



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