What Clients Say


Eileen helped me “clean” my pantry and refrigerator and my family is so much healthier because of it! She has been amazing – I can stop her in Whole Foods with additional questions or email her. I truly value her advice! An amazing experience.” J, Rye, NY


Eileen is terrific. She is warm and welcoming, yet straightforward.  She does not judge or overwhelm you with volumes of data or statistics. Rather, she strikes a perfect balance between education and practical application (e.g. additives and substances to avoid, product options for everything from healthy snacks to cleaning supplies and children’s sunscreen). Eileen’s approach unites personal dedication with knowledge and education, a truly powerful combination.  For Eileen, this is more than a business, even more than a mission, it a passion.  The passion to help every child and every family live a cleaner life, put healthier things into their bodies, and thrive in a safer home. Her wealth of knowledge is extraordinary, yet never intimidating.  When she enters your home, you genuinely feel that she cares. And that’s because she does. We are truly grateful for the time Eileen spent educating our family and helping us to make better, healthier choices.” JN Rye, NY


“Eileen has amazing knowledge of diet for special needs children. All her advice to me has been focussed and helpful with the aim of improving our quality of life. ” S, Rye, NY


Where do I begin?! You have changed our lives. Knowing the information you have provided has made such positive changes in my son’s life as well as all of ours. You started something that we haven’t had in a long time… which was a great feeling of hope. Within the first few weeks of Tyler going into the diet we had results. You didn’t have to do this for me. We have never even met, but your kindness and urge to help others truly became a new beginning in the house. My husband isn’t as thrilled haha but he jumped on board and continues supporting the diet as much as he can.” L, Mamaranock, NY


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